Saturday, December 28, 2013

time to revive this blog

As the caption goes, its time to revive this blog!! Gosh.. it has been almost 5 months plus since I last posted something.  Actually, after i went back to work on the 22nd July, it has been many rounds of madness… many things happen both at work and at home…… by now, i am just thankful and glad that most things are settled and its time to plan for 2014!

The other day, during thanksgiving cell group, Pastor Jeremy wanted us to share with our group what is one thing that we are thankful to God for. As I looked back at 2013, there are definitely more than 1 thing that I am thankful for, and my list just simply too long to put it down. I can only say a word of “thank You, Jesus” in my heart every night when I go to bed. :-)

In another 3 days time, we will be entering 2014. I pray that the coming year will be another year of achievements and even greater success in both my work and family and person breakthrough.

Meanwhile, just want to share my greatest pride of 2013!! My two cute babies!!! :-) Manyatimes, I look at them and am amazed at God’s creation. Frankly, two very super ordinary no-handsome-no-pretty person, can combine and produce two not-too-bad looking boys (in my personal most honest opinion!! Hahahahaa). Hard to believe, but ya, this is God’s work I believe..

cute babies

2014, here we come!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

my little achievements

9 more days and that’s the end of my maternity leave. It is really really tough to have to pick up the momentum again to get back to the hectic working world.

Somehow, this time round, I really enjoyed my full 4 months of maternity leave a lot much more. Probably 3 years ago, I was much more anxious about everything about Justin then, and I was very much troubled with work matters then, because I did not had time to do a proper handover before going into labour.

Fast forward, 3 years on, now i am much more prepared this time round. Even though there is never enough handover to be done, but I am so glad that I decided to stop work earlier and had a good 4 day of rest before going into labour on day 5 of my leave. 

Looking back, the last 3 months plus have been kind of fruitful, even though there are still a couple of things that I have not got to do on my check list.  But most importantly, this time round, attribute it to being more experience as a second time mum, I manage to regulate the body to produce a reasonable supply of milk for Baby Joash. And I am so proud of myself that even when we were away for 6 days at Gold Coast 2 weeks ago, Baby Joash still had more than sufficient supply of milk stored away in the freezer to drink and there was still stock left in my freezer thereafter. When I was in Gold Coast, I still continued to pump and throw. Super heart pain and tedious at the same time. But i am glad that I continued to do that, to ensure that my supply was not severly affected.

And so, straightaway after we came back, i started my regime of pump and feed once again. and now, I have once again, stash a reasonable supply for baby Joash!!

My first little achievement!! P1100190

After spending almost 4 months fully dedicated to this small imp, oh man, it is so hard to have to go back to work!!!! At this moment, I do have the rashness to be a FTSAHM, hahaha… but I know, that is just an impulse decision.  I am still more suitable to be a FTWM.

This time, is to fully breastfeed this small little one, and he is growing well…. at 3 months old, he has more than doubled his birth weight! And I love his chubby arms and thighs!!!

My second little achievement


And so, in another 9 days time, I have to get used to working hard two shifts again and it also means that there be lesser time to spend with this small one after I get home from work.

I pray for wisdom and good time management, so that i can really spend quality time with both my boys! And I also pray that I will continue to maintain a good supply of milk in the months ahead!!

Go Go GO… !!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our first family trip 2013

This is the going to be the first trip of 2013 for Justin, Gerald and myself. Very excited!!! My first time going to Australia after a long long long wait!


Much excited as we are, at the same time, I feel sad because I know I am going to miss baby Joash a lot for the next 5 days!!!! OMG!!!

But nevertheless, we are going to spend 5 days of quality time with Justin……and he has been sooooo excited that we are going to take the aeroplane. The last time he took a plane, he was only about 1.5 years old and he barely can remember much of the that Hong Kong trip. So I am sure this time round, it will be a great memory for him! :D

Gold Coast, here we come!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby, don’t grow so fast!

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My baby is growing up way too fast!!!
Was looking through the photos last night and I am so totally amazed by how much and how fast baby Joash has grown in the last 2 months! In fact, he is turning 3 months old this Saturday already!!
I realised that after he turned one month old, he actually started to have more expressions, facial muscles are growing and strengthening and he is much more responsive now!!
Now whenever we call his name or tickle him, he will smile widely!! And the best time is in the morning! Every morning, he wakes up with a huge grin!! Praise the Lord for a smilely baby!! :D :D
At Week 5
Picture 066
At Week 6
Week 7 – the botak!
Picture 071
Picture 092

Week 8 – 2 months old!
Picture 128
Picture 131
Week 9

Week 11 Picture 007

Picture 020
Week 12
Picture 001
Picture 003
Week 13
Picture 015
I know I am biased, but every parent is also biased one, isn’t it? I seriously think my son is getting so cute and cuter every single day!!!
Oh man, how am I going to go back to work in a month’s time??? I will miss him so much!!!!! Boohoo!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A day of play for Justin

Its important to dedicate a day to the child once their sibling comes along so that they do not feel that they have “lost” their parents to their sibling.
So on Monday, i decided to bring Justin out on my own and spend some quality time with him. Along with that, we have to go to ICA to collect his new passport as well.
And so, off we go for the day!!!
Took this picture before we set off. Love this boy to the max!! :D
Picture 002
Thank God for e-appointment. Within 15 mins, we were in and out of ICA!
After that, we proceeded to our second destination: Playful Elves
We last check out this place after reading Klessis’s blog about the place a few months back. That day we went on a sat and the place was packed. Justin remembered the place and he kept telling me that he wanted to go back there. So, we took a train to clementi and then a shuttle bus to West Coast Plaza. He was so excited throughout the journey and totally looking forward to his play time!!!
Picture 006
Picture 003
As it is a monday afternoon, the place was pretty empty.. in fact, there was only 2 other children in the play gym other than us… and so, we literally have the whole gym to ourselves!! And so, Justin could really play to his heart’s content!!
The Happy boy!!!
Picture 004 

Picture 008
The whole place is filled with lots of colors and it just make me feel so happy in a place filled with bright colors! A good way to beat any Monday blues!! :D
Picture 009
Picture 011

Picture 019
We were there for 2 hours and he was almost dozing off by then… cos it was way into his naptime! Haha.. we ended the day with a sumptuous lunch at Sushi Tei before we headed home for his nap.
Looking forward to the next outing with Justin again!! :D

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gerald’s 34th birthday

On Tuesday was Papa Gerald’s birthday. This year, we have a new addition to the family to celebrate his birthday and of cos, we did not really have any big celebration as the small one is still a lil hard for us to enjoy a proper meal outside. So we just took a lazy afternoon off and I treated him to a sumptous dinner, to a place that we always wanted to visit, and of cos, ended off with a birthday cake at home with his two precious boys.
Picture 001
Simple design in the restaurant, calm and peaceful on a tuesday afternoon.
Picture 002
Picture taking while waiting for the food.
Picture 004
Crispy Shio Ba!
Picture 005
Juicy har kow! 
Picture 006
Meaty Siew Mai
Picture 007
Braised chicken feet…. a must have in all our dim-sum meals!
Picture 008After the dim sum, we walked around to do a little bit of shopping. It is really so much better to shop on a weekday, as both of us are really quite afraid of crowds now.. think age is really catching up .. hahaha….. but i must say, there is still quite a lot of people hanging in Ion Orchard  
When we were ready to go for our early dinner, there was such a heavy downpour outside and in the end we have to make a detour back home to fetch justin from school before heading out to the dinner place again. :D
We always pass by this restaurant at Anchorpoint and we really always wanted to try it. If you are a beef and BBQ lover like us, then it is really a great place that I recommend. However, I must put a disclaimer, that the price is also quite… Ahem…… not that cheap lah.. So we always say that we need to find an occassion to go there. Hahaha. and the chance came!
Picture 010
a hot pot of charcoal is served in the middle of the table for our cooking.
Picture 011 
Since it is our first time there, we were a bit suaku to be honest. Don’t know what to order as the menu look a bit complicated and we do not know what’s the best choice. So we had the waitress to recommend and she suggest that we order the set menu for 2., which basically consist a bit of all and we can try. Not a bad idea.
So i think picture tells a better story and we really enjoyed our evening much!!! :D :D :D
Horenso salad – juicy Japanese spinach with mushroom
Picture 012
Picture 013
Picture 014
Meat platter, which consist of duck, pork and 3 types of wagyu beef
Picture 017
Japanese rice
Picture 019
Cod fish in miso and mayo
Picture 020
Assorted mushroom
Picture 021
Picture 023
And of course, dessert a must-have to end off every meal.
 Milk pudding – highly recommended !! Love the brown sugar that mix so well with the milk pudding beneath. Heavenly!! ~~~
Picture 031
My black sesame ice-cream with red bean. Picture 030
And lastly, cake cutting at home!!
The proud daddy with his 2 boys!
That’s a day of celebration for Daddy Gerald !
Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Thanks for being the cool daddy and spiritual leader of the household!

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Day Holiday

One of the Justin’s fave activity is to go swimming, which he always associate to our staycations.
Now that Audrey and Edward have shifted to a rented condo at Bukit Timah,there is a huge swimming pool and we can go there for swims from now on.
And so, on the May Day holiday that just passed, we decided to name it as Justin’s special Day. Actually, it is more of to give him all our full attention for the few hours without Joash. Ever since Joash is borned, we have spent much time on the small one and we did not want the big brother to feel neglected.  So after hearing the advise of many parents and friends, we knew the importance of spending quality private time with each child, even if its just a few hours, to do their favourite activity and let them have the parents all to themselves!!!
And there we go, spent a good hour in the pool and the boy was grinning and smiling all the way that day!!  He was simply so HAPPY!!! :D
Picture 080 
Picture 081
 Picture 082 
Picture 083
And to end off the day’s activity, we went to his all-time-favourite place!! The Macdonalds!!! A place that win the hearts of every child indeed. :)
Picture 085
Time to plan for the next outing! ~~~ :D