Saturday, December 28, 2013

time to revive this blog

As the caption goes, its time to revive this blog!! Gosh.. it has been almost 5 months plus since I last posted something.  Actually, after i went back to work on the 22nd July, it has been many rounds of madness… many things happen both at work and at home…… by now, i am just thankful and glad that most things are settled and its time to plan for 2014!

The other day, during thanksgiving cell group, Pastor Jeremy wanted us to share with our group what is one thing that we are thankful to God for. As I looked back at 2013, there are definitely more than 1 thing that I am thankful for, and my list just simply too long to put it down. I can only say a word of “thank You, Jesus” in my heart every night when I go to bed. :-)

In another 3 days time, we will be entering 2014. I pray that the coming year will be another year of achievements and even greater success in both my work and family and person breakthrough.

Meanwhile, just want to share my greatest pride of 2013!! My two cute babies!!! :-) Manyatimes, I look at them and am amazed at God’s creation. Frankly, two very super ordinary no-handsome-no-pretty person, can combine and produce two not-too-bad looking boys (in my personal most honest opinion!! Hahahahaa). Hard to believe, but ya, this is God’s work I believe..

cute babies

2014, here we come!!!

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